Help desk

Getting Started
What is required to set up a shop?
  • Web hosting (included in every plan)
  • shopping cart system (included)
  • Payment gateway (support for many gateways is included)
    Some gateways such as paypal and paymate have no setup fees - but a bank merchant facility involves setup and monthly fees.
    Currently, paymate and paypal do not charge a monthly fee.
  • A domain name
    Costs vary, but normally a .com costs about $15 while,, cost about $20 per annum. The precise cost varies from time to time depending on exchange rates and other factors.
  • Content Manager (included)
    This enables you to create and update information pages such as your terms and conditions.
What is the normal cost to get a shop online?

For a basic shop with say - 100 items, and using payal and or pay mate; the costs will be roughly $240 for the shopping cart system & web hosting with email, plus zero monthly fees for paypal and about $20 per year for the domain name. If you can DIY everything else, such as site data entry and design, then there should be no other costs.

Where can I register my domain name?
You can register your domain with any registration service, however, if you prefer support from us, please register at
Do I need to install anything on my computer?
You don't need to install any extra software on your own computer in order to create and modify your store and maintain your inventory. All you need is a modern browser and an internet connection. If you need to perform bulk database upload and download in order to keep your online inventory in sync with some other database - there is a Desktop Data Manager tool which can be downloaded and installed on a PC.
Store Design
How do I change the look and feel of my store?
There is a great deal of scope within the system to change layouts, images and the style of your store. Depending on your level of familiarity with HTML and CSS, you can choose from a basic, an intermediate and an advanced design mode.
The system even allows you to save multiple designs for your shop. The ability to activate a stored design can be useful for seasonal and other recurring promotions. By associating a particular design (and/or content) with a domain name, you can provide a variation on your branding for a different audience.
What if I want a fancy design?

We recommend that you first configure a simple site with a basic template and enter all your item data and content. You can then either choose a design from a template selling company such as Boxed Art or Template Monster; or use a graphic designer.
If you use a pre-designed template, the cost may be around $100 (varies) plus approximately $400 - $2000 to integrate the design, depending on the complexity of the design and layout scheme you have chosen.
If you choose to have a site designed from scratch, the cost ranges from $1000 to $3000 and for very complex websites the costs could be higher.

What are some good graphics programs?
There are many out there. Some that may be worth trying include: Adobe photoshop, Corel photopaint, paint shop pro. Many others can be found at
How can I make sure my images are a suitable size for web pages?
Keeping your pictures as small as possible, without sacrificing visual appeal can be a tedious business in some graphics programs. Smaller images help your page load faster and improve the overall customer experience, so it's worthwhile making sure your images are optimised for the web. There are some online tools which make this process a breeze. Try the tool SMUSH.IT which can be operated directly from that page, or installed as an extension to the FireFox web browser.
The links below may be useful if you need stock photos and/or templates.
What methods are available for freight calculation?
Freight costs can be calculated based on a flat fee, weight, total order value or number of items purchased.
What if I need to ship via multiple carriers and to different regions?
The freight system allows you to configure as many freight-pricing records as you need, based on region and shipping method.
Transaction Processing
What are the options for payment in my store?
The options for payment include credit, direct debit, paypal, cheque/paymate, money order, COD (cash on delivery) and pay and pickup.
Is GST applied to international customers?
You can configure the system so that GST is not applied for international orders.
Which real-time credit card gateways are supported?
WorldPay, Dialect Solutions, eWay, Authorize.Net, Paypal,Paymate. If you have a preferred gateway system that is not listed; check with us - we may be able to add it to the product, or assist you in integrating your payment processes.
Are transactions secure?
All transactions are done via SSL encrypted connections, which prevents third parties from intercepting.
Is there an additional cost for credit card transactions?
ShoppingCartOne does not charge a transaction fee - but you may be subject to transaction fees from your own financial institution or a third party payment processor.
Your Account
Are there any fixed term contracts with ShoppingCartOne?
Account contracts are monthly or yearly. All accounts must be prepaid.
Can I upgrade or downgrade between pricing packages at any time?
Yes, you can upgrade and downgrade at any time for a fee of $99.
Is a domain name included in the price?
No, domain name registration is not included.
For a .com domain - the cost will be around $20 per year. You can register your domain(s) with any registrar, but if you'd like us to provide support regarding registration issues - you can use our domain registration system.

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